The history of organ concerts in Pasym and Dźwierzuty

The Evangelical Church is a special place for organ and sacred music. Music and song are an important part of worship here. Organ accompaniment to the singing during the liturgy have to diversify religious experiences, and enrich internally people participating in it. Great contribution to the development of music was brought by the Reformation. In the days of Luther it was introduced in schools daily compulsory teaching music. In Protestant schools sprang up next generations with a solid musical education; generations of music teachers, organists and composers. They formed the foundation on which he could grow genius of Johann Sebastian Bach. Music and song constituted and constitutes at the Evangelical Church, next to the Scriptures, a very important source of living faith. Church reformer, priest Dr. Martin Luther  wrote this about music and its meaning: "The music rules all the emotions of the heart. Nothing in the world can be better than the music stimulating sad one to be joy, joyful make sad, afraid add boldness, lofty induce humility, reduce jealousy and hatred."

With restored instruments host the churches in Pasym and Dźwierzuty  international concerts of organ and chamber music: in Pasym since 1998, in Dźwierzuty since 2009. The sound of these instruments has been appreciated not only by artists but also by the Polish Radio, that right from the beginning accompanied to the concerts pursuing longer or shorter programs on the air nationwide. TV Polonia has completed a report from the cycle about art of organ construction in Poland "Organ in Pasym" (TVP Polonia 1998 year).

Pasym concerts have permanent place in the calendar of cultural events in the region of Warmia and Mazury. They are a meeting place for people of different faiths, beliefs or nationality. It is one of the biggest cultural events of the region. They allow people getting to know each other, to popularize the cultures of different nations and are an example of constantly ongoing process of understanding and reconciliation. Concert involves artists who performs in major concert halls of the world, as well as young artists starting career. It is also promoted musically gifted young people in the region.

In 2015 Evangelic Church in Pasym organized concerts for the eighteenth time. So far participated in them artists from 30 countries from 4 continents: Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Japan, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, German, Norwegian, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine, Uruguay, the US, Great Britain (England, Scotland) and Italy.




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