Pasym is one of the oldest cities in the Mazury region.  Early in the sixth century on the peninsula Ostrow functioned a city of Galinds. At the beginning of the fourteenth century village Henrykowo were located here, and the city were founded by the in 1386 by Teutonic Knights. Received the name from the founder - the commander of Elblag, Siegfried von Passenheim. During the Thirteen Years' War voted in favor of the Poland, but after the Peace of Thorn came back under the rule of the Teutonic Knights. Pasym has a complicated history, city was for centuries under the competing influences of Polish and Prussian, what is in this respect similar to many other cities in the region.

 In today's Pasym panorama characteristic are; Catholic Church tower, tower of city hall, water tower and visible from afar, helmet of Evangelical church tower. This late Gothic church dates from the late fifteenth century, it was originally wooden and had also a defensive character. Was based on a high pedestal with field stones and lined with hand-molded Gothic brick. The tower is 11 meters wide and the walls are 3 meters thick. After the fire of 1750 they rebuilt the roof, using wooden shingles and giving to it its present shape. The altar of the temple comes from 1673 and the main floor shows the Trinity. Below is the scene of the Last Supper. On both sides of the altar there are large statues of Moses and Aaron. Baroque pulpit dates from the seventeenth century, while in the central nave of attention is a chandelier in the shape of a deer's head dating back to 1608 years. In February 1807 on the rectory of the church resides Napoleon Bonaparte. Since the beginning of the eighteenth century, the church is at the disposal of organs.


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