Music is the area of creative activity that accompanies mankind from the earliest times. In moments of joyful and during the period of mourning, in moments of sublime and the ordinary. Music is a way of understanding the world through sound. Confucius He taught: "Walk like you hear." Good music sensitizes for others, teaches mutual tolerance and kindness. Extraordinary artistic skills, which was gifted to Old Testament King David, let him through music directly affect the people. Playing the harp brought relief to Saul, who then felt ill and experienced depression. His playing could mute the heart, soothe pain, alleviate anger.

Our concerts are a meeting place for people of different faiths, worldviews, nationality. Therefore, artists from Poland and abroad take part in concerts . In this way we can mutually to learn, to popularize the culture of different nations, as an example constantly ongoing process of understanding, reconciliation and peace. Music makes it possible to gain intercultural experiences, despite the existence of cultural differences. I am sure, that music can in some way contribute to the debunking the walls that divide people. She understands the world through the senses, as a whole, is an individual experience and at the same time go hand in hand with harmony. You will understand the music will if you listen to. So, we can cultivate peace, if we listen to each other.

Let the music we listen to in both our temples, makes us positive feelings and helps open to us the richness of the world around us. It is mindful of the beauty and introduce the world of inner harmony. Life, which is love in action, kindness, cordiality gestures, justice, forgiveness. 

Witold Twardzik   - Priest






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Concerto a moll Vivaldi BWV 593 allegro - video


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